All roads of stone..

All roads of stone leads to Rome
as all of the heart takes you home.
On the way we will find
it was all in our minds.
All roads of stone leads to Rome

In time the most tough will get enough
for experience turns everything to love.
This strange creation
is a love transformation.
Experience turns everything to love.

All fear is destined to disappear
for what we walk towards is already here.
Let go of your burden
the end is now certain.
What we walk towards is already here.


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A Prayer to God

I will give myself to You, for now I know that I want nothing else.
All that you command will be my greatest joy, for how can Joy itself command anything else?
I have failed in all my attempts to do without You, and now I humbly bow down to the truth that you know best.
By You and only You I truly live, for You are the Source of all Love and Light.
The dessert of the world becomes fertile in the remembrance of You,
because remembrance makes hearts real fountains of Truth.
I do not desire to be great, not even loving, I only desire to be an empty vessel through which Your Greatness and Love can extent to the world.
I want to be You and only You, because in You only I am my Self.

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Welcome to all

I want to give my warmest welcome and gratitude to anyone who has decided to visit this blog. It is a joy to write but sharing it with others make it all the more joyous.

It is my deep believe that we all in this world are both students and teachers (thereof the name of the blog). We all teach all the time by our words and actions, which carefully represents the worldview we hold. The fearful teaches that the world is dangerous and can take something of value away from us, while the peaceful teaches that what we really are can never be touched and broken, and what is of real value can never be taken away from us.

The “fact” that more or less no one incarnated on this planet is completely peaceful all the time is what tells me that we are all students too. We are all students of life, students of peace, students of truth, learning through experience and forgiveness to teach only that.  Slowly, by practicing to see the beauty in others, the divine and the unbreakable, we learn to see it in ourselfes releasing the self-made chains of worries and fear.

Although we are all both teachers and students, I believe that we human to human all are fellow students present in the same classroom. We are all learning the same curriculum, though in different pace and different form. The real teacher is the teacher inside of us, the teacher that remembers truth completely, the One that always sees the greatness we really are. But as well as students in any kind of schools has a lot to teach each other,  I believe that we as students have a lot to gain by sharing our experiences and perspectives, “teaching” each other what we have learned so far.

The purpose of this blog is to share what I have “learned” about life so far, perhaps to inspire my brothers and sisters, my fellow students. The goal of the writings is not to prove anything by presenting a long chorography of logic reasoning since some things can simple not be grasped by the mental body, but only by the higher intuitive layers of the mind. The goal therefor is not to prove or convince, but purely to inspire ideas to be tasted by the delicate tongue of intuition. Perhaps a thought or idea will turn out to point towards a hidden door in the castle of your mind and thereby expand it a further. That would be a hope of mine.

All ideas are just thoughts in the end so I am very aware that the ideas I present (at best) never can be more than a vague map of the landscape of reality. However, sometimes a map can lead one in the right direction, perhaps so close to home that the map is no longer needed. I hope to give a contribution in the right direction to the journey without a distance we are all walking home.

I wish you all good reading and hope that everyone will feel free to write me with comments, questions or perhaps share suggestions about interesting subjects to write about.

Many blessings to all!

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