About the blog

This blog is about spirituality. Hmm. But what do I mean by that? Dear child has many names, but dear name has apparently also many children. Or at least many meanings. To be absolutely clear this blog will not so much be about how you can attract money or good health, nor how you can use crystals for healing or how to communicate with spirits. The primarily focus of this blog is on another aspect of the word spirituality and another meaning of the word spirit. Spirit will be discussed in the meaning “our true non-dualistic essens and Self”. Pure spirit, limitless, changeless love beyond measure and understanding. And spirituality as how we can get to the realization of this Self and see the world trough the eyes of who we really are.

All focus will in some way or another be directed towards getting closer to the understanding of our true Self and dissolving of any blockages standing in the way of our experience of it’s constant presence. Many great books, namely “A Course in Miracles” has already written in great detail and brilliance about this subject, so the main purpose of this blog will be to use the wisdom of non-dualism and spirituality in reflecting on society, science, and everyday situations. And hopefully making it easier to understand and letting its value be shown.

So back to the beginning to clear some things up. The goal of the blog will not be the teach how to become more, get more, learn more. There is no real need to, at least not to become happy and hole. It will instead be about how you will gain everything just by realizing what you really are, because this Self contains everything necessary for absolute abundance, freedom and happiness. There is of course nothing wrong with wanting to attract money of material things, but it is to bad that a person is sitting outside eating wet paper when there’s a free gourmet-buffet just on the other side of the door he is sitting at.

About me

In essence I am of cause the same as everyone else: pure spirit, changeless, unlimited love. But in this experience of reality I for sure also have a personality, a body and what ever comes with that. At this point in time I am a young man living in Denmark, having suffered from severe memory-loss since 1990, celebrating that remembrance are finally starting to come back.

I hope you will enjoy! Many blessings!

“Development does not mean: to become more

it’s not to build a new room

just to open a door”


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