The world is an outside picture of an inward condition  (A Course in Miracles)

The quote above brings a very interesting perspective on how to perceive society. It may not be the most common one, at least not in these young years of humankind. It is, though, a perspective that can help one a great deal in understanding how the world and society works, and why the world has changed a million times but still managed to stay the same.

An outside picture

Most commonly, people perceive society as a huge group of people playing out different roles and dynamics, making it all work and balance. How great a city or society functions is dependent on the organization and the individuals that make the society. Are they good citizens, educated, healthy, obeying the law etc. The cause of the quality of society lies with the individuals influencing it who also have the power to change and define it.

That the world is an outside picture of an inward condition, tells a whole other story about cause and effect and why society is as it is. In this case, the cause of both the positive and negative changes we perceive cannot be the individuals in society themselves since they are but a part of the effect, the outside picture. In this perspective, all we perceive is a part of the effect only and is therefore not the level where real changes are made. What we perceive is but a movie projected on a screen, and of course you cannot change what happens on the screen by trying to reorder the projections.

What is the cause?

Everything is in the mind, and all we perceive is a projection from the mind. What is projected and manifested in what we experience to be the world is determined by what thought-system the mind believes in. There are basically two thought-systems that are the root of all other thoughts and experiences:

The ego-thought-system is based on the belief that we separated from our source, God. Believing this thought-system is also the belief in guilt, fear, and scarcity, because it led our mind to flee from God and seek exile in the opposite of him. This was what created this world in the first place, a place of separation, change, time, endings etc. The mind that is identified with the ego-thought-system is also identified with the fragility and constant needs of the body. Characteristic for this thought-system is unconsciousness, problems and projections, because this in the ego’s means to keep the mind unaware of it choice to believe what could never be true.

The Holy Spirit’s thought-system is based on the knowledge that the separation from God never happened. Therefore neither guilt nor fear is justified in the mind, and the one who believes this thought-system always completely feels the peace, love, joy and abundance of God. This person sees the oneness and the light behind everything and lives life as a joyful extension of the love of our Source.

It is evident that it makes a huge difference whether the mind believes in the ego or the Holy Spirit. In its extreme, it is the difference between Hitler and Jesus, fascism and pure love. It’s scarcity vs. abundance, taking vs. sharing, despising vs. caring. How a society works is really determined by this choice.

The world of the ego

The world itself is a symbol that we have chosen the ego-thought-system, since without this belief in separation we would still experience ourselves in formless unity with God. Therefore one can declare that society today is also based on the collective mind’s choice to believe in the ego.

This becomes very evident when you look closer into the characteristics of society. Duality is one of the main characteristics. There is rich/poor, good/bad, success/failure, etc. This is all organized in a huge complicated social hierarchy. Society is very much centered on the economy. A general concept in our economic system is scarcity, which is fundamental for the ego, since it is a result of separation from abundance. Our system is based on debt (scarcity). That we have nothing and have to fight and compete to get it. And if we gain, others lose. Thereto comes the controlled chaos, wars, up rivals. So many things that represent the ego-thought-system in manifested form.

The interesting thing about this way of perceiving society and the world is that when you have figured out which thought-system it is based on this can tell you a lot about society that you did not know. Many people believe e.g. that we have a democracy in the Western world, and that decisions are made purely by the elected politicians. But when you know how the ego-mind works it makes a good case that this is not so. One reason is that the mind controlled by the ego is always controlled from the subconscious.

The ego-based mind always finds itself to be completely aware and autonomous but has no idea what motivations and forces go on underneath the surface. From there the ego deliberately plays out its plan to keep the mind in complete unawareness so it can stay in control. The ego, as mentioned, is based on a lie so therefore its greatest goal is to prevent truth from emerging, because truth is its death. Therefore, it always seeks to keep the mind’s focus outside itself away from the real problem, which is the ego itself. It does that by attracting/creating problems of all sorts that need a solution, which the ego gladly offers. This keeps the mind away from truth, bound to a suffering that is just tolerable, but nothing more than that.

There is a striking resemblance between how the ego works and different theories that are still considered conspiracies. That there are a secret world order (the ego) working behind the scene (the subconscious) without the awareness of the masses (the conscious awareness). This secret world order wants total control/world domination so it can feel safe that truth will not reveal it and make the end of it. It sorely lives by the fact that people do not know about it and its agenda. If its crazy plans came to light it would end immediately. But like the ego, this world order is extremely clever and makes sure that the attention of the masses is elsewhere than on the true problem. Therefore, they do all sorts of initiatives to keep the consciousness low, create a lot of problems and make outside enemies that people can project their hate, fear and guilt unto. These enemies are often created in “false flag-operations” meaning that the secret order themselves creates tragedies such as terror attacks to first increase fear and thereafter help solve the problem by going to war, getting more police and surveillance and by doing that increasing the control. This way the masses themselves will ask the secret order to help them, but are actually only increasing their power by falling for the oldest tricks in the book.

This is what is going on both within and without us. It is not anything special, but something all civilizations has to go through on their evolution towards truth. At some point though, this though-system and way of society are no longer fitting for the development of the people. This is where humankind is getting.

The world of the Holy Spirt

There is, of course, an alternative to the society, in which we live in today. As well as individuals like Jesus and Buddha managed to get their minds corrected and healed this will also happen for society in time. This healing will of course mean a completely new way of living and new forms of communities. The difference in this society is that scarcity will be exchanged with abundance, greed with sharing, inequality with equality, corruption with transparency, money with free right to everything, working all day with creating and studying, competition with cooperation.Blog2

There are already ideas and plans made for such societies, for example, “The Venus Project” is a good vision for the future in my opinion. A society where wisdom and technology helps humans to gain freedom from trivial work and scarcity, so we can spend our time on becoming wiser and better human beings. Where methods has been found to build a system where the wise and not the greedy or power-loving have good access to high positions in “state”. A model where there is transparency so no secret forces can control people behind the scenes.

How is real change possible?

Many people dream of changing the world, but realize not that the world has been changed a million times but always managed to stay the same. Revolutions, wars, etc. has not really changed the fundamental principles of how society works, it has really just made things bigger and less evident. It’s the same hierarchy, division, duality. Changes so far have really just been old wine on new bottles.

The reason there has been only few real changes in time is of course that people try to change things where they cannot be changed. Change in the world is fully dependent on change in the mind, and even though it is not evident, all changes happens initially in the mind. Effect cannot really change prior to the cause, and cause is in the part of the mind that choses what thought-system to believe. So the world and society will change when the mind has decided to choose again and change its investment from fear to love.

Change of course has to start with the individuals. Changing one’s personal mind will not necessarily change the world, but it will certainly change one’s feelings towards it and it will help clear the way in the collective conscious.  Choosing the thought-system of the Holy Spirit will help one see behind the illusions of agony, and see the perfect oneness even though it is not yet expressed. It will help one to become an example of a truth long forgotten, a better choice, and by that inspire others to seek inside. This is where real change of society starts.

The world needs healing

The world need not to be changed but to be healed, because only healing will change it. The ego made it split and the Holy Spirit will make it whole again by the healing that only lies in our choice. Society today is a young person out of its right mind. It is depressed and confused and knows not why. But everyone grows older, everyone gains from experience in the long run and in time the mind of the world will be corrected and healed.

By healing ourselves, we can heal the mind, and then inspiration will surely come to how we can act in the world. We need not to fight only to follow inspiration. That the world needs not change but healing does not mean that we should only sit still meditation, by no means. Things indeed have to be manifested in the world and actions need to be taken.

The thing is that when we want to change the world while in the ego-mindset it is usually because we find it to be wrong and desperately need it to become right so that we can find peace. It is actually self-centered and based on the thought that the light has lost control and we know better. When you act out of the Holy-spirit-mindset you act out of inspiration and guidance. You realize that you need not a perfect or light world to find peace, and therefore you can have an unconditional relationship to the world. You therefore can offer yourself to be a tool for change when the healing in the mind has allowed room for more light in the world.





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