God is changeless. God is perfect love. Only God is real!

God is a very abstract concept that is impossible for the human mind really to comprehend, since we as human beings all our live have been trained to think within the world of duality and separation and in accordance with physical and ever changing concepts. In our world, everything is in motion all the time. Nothing is still and nothing is changeless. Just think about atoms upon which all bodies are build, constantly in movement with electrons circling around with enormous speed. Exactly for that reason God cannot be reached by our thinking minds, and neither by scientific method, since God transcends duality, and therefore transcends our capacity of thinking. However it can, in my opinion, be helpful to put some attributes to God that can, if not show the house then at least, show the direction. Though many religions has personalized God and tried to make him understandable by making him like our personal selves, they have also been certain that God is love. This is also what I associate with him. Changeless love, joy and peace.

God is in my understanding definitely not personal, and since He transcends duality, He has no gender, nor any personal characteristics. No white beard and no well-trained athlete-like hunk body like Michelangelo apparently pictured him. But for stylistic reasons I choose to mention him as male.

God is perfect love and he is changeless. If something is perfect, it must mean that nothing is missing. It must be whole. Perfect love can have no limits, because if there were a limit to the love, how could it perfect. Then it would not encompass everything, but somewhere there would be a lack and an ending. If this perfect love is limitless and whole, it must also be changeless, since change and movements demands opposites. So if we agree that God is perfect love, he must be transcending duality and change.

But if God is real and He is changeless and all encompassing, how can the ever-changing, vast universe we perceive also be real? It can’t obviously. This is what non-dualism means. Only God is real. All else is just a temporary misperception, He and his thoughts are everything there is. And we are his thoughts.

The understanding of God that is presented here is in many ways different from the God presented by both the monotheistic religions and most modern spiritual teachings. It obviously differs from the monotheistic religions in the way that God not is considered to be personal but abstract. Another, though less obvious difference, is that in this non-dualistic perspective, God did not create the world. God did not create the world in a week, and neither did he create the psychical universe so that he could experience himself, as many spiritual people believe. I claimed earlier that only God is real, and that God is changeless, perfect love. If only changeless, perfect love is real, the physical universe, which is based on separation and change, cannot be. If what we experience is something that cannot be, it must be an illusion. And why would God create an illusion. And even an illusion where the inhabitants go through pain, suffering and constant separations with no knowledge of who they or their father really are. Because we have to learn? If so that means that God created us imperfect, and then he did not create us in his own image, unless he himself is not perfect, which brings us into a whole other discussion.

Our Essence – the One Son of God

It has been written: “…God created man in his own image, in the image of God” (Genesis). If the quote ended here I would find it to be absolutely true. But what does it mean?

Many people think of themselves as being personalities, their bodies, there thoughts, feelings and stories. When I ask my neighbor who he is, he would most likely say, “I am Alex”. But Alex is a human being, a personality. If this was his real nature, his true self, that would mean that God is like that. That God is as imaged on paintings by Michelangelo. That he is a person with a body, a temper, emotions, needs etc.

The belief that God is person-like is based on the thought that we are, but can we be sure about that? It definitely feels that way and seems like it to our body’s eyes. But if we choose to take a non-dualistic perspective as that of the Indian Vedas or “A Course in Miracles”, this is merely a temporary deception, a sleep/dream that we have fallen into. We are not our small fragile body, one of billions, but one limitless, unseparated being, transcending this world of separation.

As I wrote earlier, God is perfect, changeless, unlimited love. If this is the image of God and we are created in that image, we must also be perfect, changeless, unlimited love. This must be our true essence. We are as God, with God, in God, and since God is perfect love, and changeless, this will obviously never change. Therefore the experience that we are something else must be false.

It is said that Jesus was the One son of God. I find this to be true. Not in the way that the personality/body called Jesus was the only child conceived by the old man with the white beard, but that he had realized that in essence we are One. God only created one child, an abstract, formless, and limitless child, like himself. Jesus was the one son of God, but you, and I, your mother, father, children and even your boss are too. For most part we have just not realized it yet.

The dream – the world

Life is but a dream”, let us dig deeper into the meaning of that sentence. As mentioned earlier, everything that is changing and contains any sort of separation and duality cannot be considered absolute reality, but is of a dreamlike nature. This can feel like a strange thought, but when one reflects upon the nature of our nightly dreams it may become more comprehensible. This is because, the world we perceive ourselves to be in now is not too different from the dreams we dream at night, and is, as I see it, also just an experience we eventually will wake up from.

In our dreams at night everything we perceive seems very real to us while we are in them. The things that happen and the people we meet rarely make us question their reality. However, we quickly realize when we wake up in the morning that nothing is as it seemed in the dream. Even though we saw and interacted with a great number of people, and things we realize that there was only one dreamer, us, dreaming it all up. It was all going on in our mind and everyone we met, including the body we experienced/perceived the dream through was just projections made by our unconscious mind.

That life is a dream can be a scary thought to the mind that does not know the blissful alternative. The mind has an incredible ability to make poo look like chocolate cake, and by doing exactly that it has made us believe that this universe is of the greatest value. Like in Plato’s cave allegory we have basically been tricked by ourselves to believe that the shadow of the wall is full of meaning and that we are fully dependent on them to feel more than cold emptiness. Therefore we stick to the shadows perceiving the Sun a great threat to our peace.

The alternative to dreaming is not scary though, only to the ego-thought-system, since it is the projector of the dream, and the return to love and truth is its enviable dissolution. Where there is no faith in the egos story of our separation from God, there is only perfect love, peace, joy, in an eternal hug with our loving creator. This is indeed joyful state even transcending eternity by its timelessness. This oneness where we feel the absolute perfect essence of everyone we ever loved and encountered is our natural state beyond the dream, and the limitless grandiosity is our true inheritance and the only thing worthy of the One Son of God. This is what awaits the mind that has forgotten itself when it is ready to wake up.

The Holy Spirit / the higher Self

Even though often pictured as a white dove, this would not be a very precise description of the part of the mind A Course in Miracles calls the Voice for God. As I see it, the Holy Spirit can easily be considered the link between absolute reality and illusion, the clear voice between the oneness of God and the separateness in the dream. The Holy Spirit is the part of everyone’s mind that always remembers the truth no matter how deep the individual/personality has become enveloped into the illusions of this world. The Holy Spirit always see the immortal, changeless reality of a person even when he/she sees only a body. The Holy Spirit only cares for the essence, which He knows has never changed. Looking at hate, anger, grief and guilt, He only sees Spirit that has forgotten itself, Spirit that believes faultily in the insane and impossible idea that it could separate from its Source, and now is punishing itself for something that only happened in a dream. To the Holy Spirit there is no such thing as sin against God, and guilt and fear are completely unfitting. The only function the Holy Spirit sees and cares for, is the healing of the mind, the correction of the mistake of believing in the ego. Its purpose is to inspire true forgiveness. Changing the world is not an object; only healing the mind is, since healing the mind is removing the cause of the insanity of the world.

The Holy Spirit is in charge and responsible for the healing of everyone’s mind. The reason for that is that God is not aware of the nightmarish dreaming of His Son. God did not believe that His Son could separate from Him and have never heard of the egos claim of separation and individuality. Therefore, He never experienced the separation that His Son for a moment seems to experience. To God the oneness is still perfect and His one Son is with Him in perfect love and joy. Only illusions can separate, and only illusions did, reality is still in undisturbed peace.

NB Some people prefer to call the part of our mind that never forgot truth “the Higher Self”. I prefer to call it the Holy Spirit since this seems less individualized. Speaking of the Higher Self can seem as if everyone has an individual, personal Higher Self, where the Holy Spirit to a greater extend represents the oneness that transcends the illusions of the separate mind. The Holy Spirit is a part of the One Mind and from here He works. The Holy Spirit is the universal inspiration that guides everyone to truth, but despite its impersonality it teaches all people personally.

The ego

To ego is a concept that most people has an opinion about. Some praise it, some hate it, some want to punish it and some want to balance it. Common to most is that the ego is considered to be about some sort of behavior. As I see it, ego is not about behavior. The ego is a thought-system we, in our unconscious mind have chosen to believe in. The effect of this belief is expressed later as egoistic and unkind behavior or excessive thinking and worrying. However, this is not the core of the ego. The core is the thought that we have separated from our Source.

While the Holy Spirit, as mentioned earlier, is the part of our mind that is still in truth and teaches us about reality, the ego has become a part of our mind, which teaches the opposite. The ego is the thought that we separated ourselves from God, hurting him, attacking him, and making Him fiercely angry with us because of our evil, sinful, terrible decision.

The ego is not real though, and is only a part of our mind because we believe in it and believe its story of guilt and fear. The reason why we did that in the first place was that the ego also had a very interesting offer to give; that we could experience an individual existence, separated and free from Gods will. This turned out to be a very bad deal though, which most people not being rich, free, successful, loved and in peacetime, feel the very clear and catastrophic result of.

One way to make the ego more understandable can be by making a “The lion king”-reference. In this case, the ego is Scar convincing our mind, Simba, that he killed his God, Mufasa, even though this was never the truth. It was Scar tried to kill Mufasa, but as Simba experience as an adult, Mufasa is still alive, just at another level. Simba and Mufasa are now just living on different levels of existence, though Mufasa is always present inside the Mind of Simba.

So, the ego induces guilt and fear in the mind, making it flee away from its home which is love. It searches for exile as far away from God as possible to hide from the punishment it thinks it deserves. Therefore the mind under the guidance of the ego creates a hiding place completely opposite of the oneness with God. A place of separation, of duality, of change, of suffering, of death, of fear, of lack. This place is what we call the universe and what the Holy Spirit calls the dream.

The ego has only the power we give to it, and we do give it a lot of power all the time. Every time we feel fear, guilt, worry, hate, anger etc. we have chosen to believe the ego. The realization that we have taken this decision though is our way out, since we always have the possibility to choose again and have our mind corrected back to the remembrance that we still are as God created us, still perfect Spirit, have never changed only in the vague dream the ego made up.

Non- dualism

Non-dualism can be extremely difficult to grasp, since it does not only transcend duality but also our duality-based thinking mind. Non-dualism is the belief that the world of duality is not real in any absolute sense, but only what transcends duality completely is to be considered reality. The world we live in is based on duality; black/white, light/dark, high/low, full/empty, fast/slow, woman/man and so on. Nothing can stand alone in our world, but all needs an opposite to exist. Our world is held together by the balance pictured in the yin/yang symbol, a symbol of duality.

Non-duality, as I perceive it, is based on the thought of one changeless God/Source of perfect love. As I wrote earlier on:

If something is perfect, it must mean that nothing is missing. It must be whole. Perfect love can have no limits, because if there was a limit to the love, how could it be perfect. Then it would not encompass everything, but somewhere there would be a lack and an ending. If this perfect love is limitless and whole, it must also be changeless, since change and movements demand opposites. So If we agree that God is perfect love, he must be out of duality and change. But if God is real and He is changeless and all encompassing, how can the ever-changing, vast universe we perceive also be real? It can’t obviously. This is what non-dualism means. Only God is real. All else is just a temporary misperception, He and his thoughts are everything there is. And we are his thoughts.

It is obvious though, that it is possible to perceive and experience duality from our point of view. But if the unchangeable oneness of God cannot be touched, changed, developed, increased or even influenced by the world of duality does it then have any meaning to God? And is it even possible for the unchangeable and therefore timeless to perceive time? I believe not. So therefore, it is reasonable to believe that God and His level of existence is not even aware of duality. Therefore, to the absolute truth duality will seem not to exist. And since our essence and real Self is in absolute truth, the duality, which we experience now, must be absolutely nothing to our essence. This is non-duality.

The mind

Well… What is mind? As I see it, everything that is not God or Spirit is mind. Everything we see, feel, interact with – the whole universe itself is mind. Most people believe that mind is something that is located in our brain, and more or less separated from our body. That it is the part of us that has to do with thinking and feeling. I believe, though, that there is much more to the mind than this.

To understand mind we must again understand how a dream works. That when we dream at night we experience a whole world that seems extremely real and can be experienced as almost infinite in size. We often interact with many people or beings having no clue that it is not reality. In the dream, it seems that we experience the world through a body, move a certain distance with it, and see everything through the dream body’s eyes. Only when we wake up, we realize that what we thought of as reality was just something happening in our mind. All the beings in the dream were created by the mind, the enormous dream universe was made by the mind and we actually never walked any distance, or perceived anything with our eyes, it was all just in our mind. Even the body we experience the dream through was a creation of the mind.

The world works in the same way. Obviously, we experience to have a personal identity, to have a personal mind, and to see things through our body’s eyes right now. But actually, our mind is much bigger than the little personal mind we identify with. Our mind is the one mind who dreamed up this whole universe. The one mind who experiences itself as separated into trillions of pieces and entities, but is actually just one. Everyone in existence is equally this one mind, even though it is hard for separated minds to understand that they are all the one dreamer.

This means that the universe, the world and everything in it, is in the mind. We never really go anywhere, we just seem to move a distance, we never really perceive anything through our body’s eyes, we see it through the mind that has projected out a body that it experiences the dream through. The mind is not in the body, the body is a projection of the mind.

This realization is a very joyous one, since we can still do exactly what we are passionate about, love and enjoy the people close to us, but we never have to fear anything because we know to take it all with a grain of salt. We know we can only be hurt in a dream, loose everything in a dream, and be lonely in a dream made up in the mind. Hence this dream lies our immortal reality in unchangeable love, joy, and oneness.

The soul

The soul is our lightest body and the body that survives all of our evolution. Many people believe that the soul is our highest reality/identity, in my perspective though, it is our highest individual identity, but not our true Self. The reason for this is that what we consider the soul is a somewhat separate identity, and that must mean it is a part of the dream of separation and not the oneness that is the real us.

The soul though, is a part of us that sees things much more clearly than our personality, because it is not present at the lowest vibrational level of existence, the psychical universe, but exists at the astral, mental and soul level. Besides this, it is not limited to only remembering one lifetime, but has the remembrance of all our lifetimes and probably sees the larger picture of its own development. The goal of the soul is the awakening back to oneness. This awakening means the death of the soul, since it is also just a body we have used, although for a much longer period of time than the bodies used in our numerous incarnations on earth.

Enlightenment is not to become one with the soul, or directed by the soul, though it will certainly feel much like it. The step from alignment with to the soul to complete awakening is not big since there will be none of the misunderstandings of the personality left to disturb the final release.


The personality is who we consider ourselvees to be. It is based on identifications, stories, convictions, which are based on which thought-system our mind believes in. Most personalities are based on the ego thought-system, and therefore have no idea that they are more than a fragile body surrounded by other bodies. The mind creates a special  personality by choosing what it wants to be, perhaps strong, brave, serious, responsible, and get rid of the opposite qualities by suppressing them to the subconscious mind. It identifies with the qualities it finds good, and separates itself from the qualities it finds bad. At the same time it builds a whole chronological life story of being treated a certain way, often centered around some sort of victimhood, not aware that the life story is based on an interpretation of what happened and not what really happened. The personality can be more or less balanced, which depends on how sensitive the mind is to the torment of the ego thought-system.

The personality can of course also be aligned with the Holy Spirit’s thought-system. In that case, the personality will function and work like any other, but it will be taken with a grain of salt, since the individual does not identify with it but with the part of the mind that dreams it is in a body. It knows, consciously or unconsciously, that it has never separated from God and that it can never be hurt and therefore it feels no fear or guilt and can live life in peace.


As our minds identify more and more with the Holy Spirit and more guilt is dissolved from our unconscious minds, the vibration of our body will raise since guilt is what drags toward heaviness, which is the apparent opposite to reality and God. Therefore, as we personally and collectively heal ourselves we will slowly ascend towards higher frequencies of vibration at an atomic level. This will take us to the frequencies that are called 4th and 5th dimension, which is just different levels of vibration. The higher vibration, the closer to the light, since light has the highest vibration. As we ascend, we are capable of holding more light, which will come with a feeling of joy, peace and love, since light is equal to the Soul and love and Joy are its qualities.

While awakening always unfolds in individual pace and is controlled by the determination and readiness of the individual mind, ascension is a much more collective process. A person who is still full of blockages, negativity, and guilt can be forced to face and release what is inside him/her “before the person is ready” because he/she has to raise together will the collective frequency. This is just like cold water is forced to become warmer when hot water is mixed with it. The water will always find a balanced average temperature but when some drops are getting boiling hot it will influence the rest. This is what happens on earth at the moment. Many souls are healing themselves deeply, raising the vibration of the whole planet, forcing all of the inhabitants to raise with it. This of course wakens many subconscious reactions, which is easy to see in the apparently increasing insanity on this planet.

Ascension can therefore be a rough process for many. Especially the frontrunners who are dragged a bit down by the collective energy and have to carry a lot of weight on their shoulders, but also very much the minds that are not yet at a point in their spiritual development where they are ready to give up the heaviness and negativity of the lower dimensions.


“What we do not want to see inside ourselves we see outside ourselves”. This is the basic principle of projection, and probably the most important concept to understand in the process of healing the mind.

Everyone who believes in the thought-system of the ego and therefore believes that we have separated from God, destroying his peace and making Him very angry with us, holds in their minds an enormous amount of fear and guilt. This mind believes it deserves to suffer, to be punished, and never feel love, joy and success. The guilt that comes with the belief in the separation is too heavy and scary to carry around consciously, so therefore the mind suppresses it to the subconscious levels of the psyche, becoming completely unaware of it. This suppression does not make the guilt disappear though, it just shows up elsewhere, namely in the world and the people/beings in it.

Whenever we hate another person, feel angry or annoyed with anyone it is because we project our guilt unto him or her. Behind that uncomfortable, burning feeling of irritation or hate that we seek to get rid of by expressing our dislike, there is a voice saying, “you are a terrible sinner, you deserve nothing, you destroyed paradise, you deserve to be punished for you sin”. This may sound intense, but subconsciously that is the conviction we put upon ourselves all the time. As mentioned, this thought is based on the belief that we separated from our source, which is untrue.

Exactly what things, characteristics and behavior that awakens our anger and irritation has to do with what personality traits and behavior we consider bad and unlovable. We all have things we don’t want to be, which are often the opposites of what we through life have learned we should be to be loved. Some people react fiercely to people who talk too much, and have often suppressed this tendency in themselves earlier in life, because it could not be accepted. Behind these specific projections lies always guilt.

We all project all the time. Even believing that we are in this world and that people are their bodies is a projection. It is a result of believing in the ego. Without projection, the mind would merely consider the world a dream, or a movie on a screen projected by the ego. Everyone would be considered the dreamer, the one Spirit transcending it all.

The reason that awareness of projection is important is because it can be turned around and used to bring light on the dark parts of our subconscious mind. Whenever we feel negativity towards another creature or situation, we can turn inside and look at the guilt that now has come to our awareness. From there we can ask the higher part of our mind, the Holy Spirit, to help us remember truth and correct our mind back to the knowledge that we are still as God created us and never separated. With this correction, the cause of the guilt is removed and therefore the projection will also disappear.

Good and evil

Good and evil are concepts made by the mind based on projections of guilt. There is indeed positivity and negativity, light and darkness in this universe, but they are both basically neutral playing out their function in the world of duality. Evil is most often what we believe can take us away from God, either literally as many religious people see it, or just experienced as what can take peace away from us.

The thing is that nothing in this world can take God or the peace of God away from us but ourselves. Our body can be hurt and destroyed, our families killed, but still the peace and our connection to God is not something that can be touched by others since this connection transcends the world of separation. This may sound extreme and does not mean that people will/are expected to feel this way and not feel hurt. The point is that how we feel is essentially always our responsibility even in the extremes. Think of Jesus who was able the take the crucifixion with a glimpse in his eye. He showed that nothing but our own mind can victimize and hurt us. Not even death can kill us, to the healed mind the fate of the body means nothing.

Good and evil are important to the ego-influenced mind because it needs to convince itself that it is good and all the evil and guilt lies in others. This is important because it has to convince the angry God that the whole reason for the chaos was caused by the terrorists, the republicans, or the evil freemasons, and that the person him-/herself is only an innocent victim that deserves no punishment.

To the Holy Spirit good and evil makes no sense. There are of cause behavior on this level of existence that are not appropriate at all and must be avoided, but the cause of this behavior is not considered to be evil nature or guilt. The Holy spirit only perceives two things; expressions of love, and cries for love. All behavior that does not express love is just a deep cry for love, an act of desperation made out of a deep self-hatred.

Guilt and sin

Guilt and sin is not something we carry but something we have chosen to believe in. Sin is the thought that we separated ourselves from God and destroyed paradise, and guilt is the result of this thought. These concepts are very deeply rooted in the mind, which is clearly expressed in the Abrahamic religions and the fall from Grace. The fear of divine punishment is a concept accepted in most religions, even underlying Buddhism where many have a great fear of karmic “punishment”. This, of cause, does not express that guilt is the truth, but more likely that humankind so far has been deeply enveloped into to ego-thought-system.

To the right mind of the Holy Spirit, guilt and sin make absolutely no sense, which is the main point of the Holy Spirit’s teachings. We are all innocent, nothing happened; we never separated from our Source.


To most spiritual people, reincarnation is a certain truth. Some have experienced episodes from past life times, many have read about cases from hypnosis or young children who remember who they were in another life, that clearly point in the direction of the reality of reincarnation.

Personally, I consider reincarnation to be just as real as the universe. This means of course that it certainly appears be real and to happen for a huge amount of time, but that it is not real in the absolute sense. The mind clearly experiences itself having thousands, maybe millions of dream bodies throughout evolution, but it is all an evolution in a dream. We never really reincarnate because we never really incarnate, we just experience it in the part of our mind that has forgotten that we are still with God.



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